Filter System For FUJIFILM X100 Series

x100v-black NiSi UHD UV For FUJIFILM X100V Black

NiSi UHD UV For FUJIFILM X100 Series (Sliver/Black)

  • Absorbs Ultraviolet Light

  • Clear Protective Filter

  • Optical Glass

  • Color of Frame as same as camera (Sliver/Black)

  • Multi-Coated

  • The Lens Cap can be placed directly on to the UV filter(X100V)

x100v-silver NiSi UHD UV For FUJIFILM X100V silver

NiSi Filter Holder Kit For FUJIFILM X100 Series

  • Easy to install

  • Allows to use up to 2 square filters

  • Aluminium Alloy Construction

  • No Vignetting

  • 360 degrees Rotation

x100v with filter holder
filter holder kit for FUJIFILM X100v


·Filter holder        ·Pouch
·Medium GND 0.9       ·Polarizer


·Filter holder       ·Pouch
·Medium GND 0.9       ·Polarizer
·IR ND 8       ·Natural Night