Slide NiSi Prosories P1 includes P1 Kit Includes: 1x Holder, 1x Polarizer, 1x Medium GND, 1x Clip, 1x Pouch Made of optical glass, nano coating.

Slide Install the holder by rotating clockwise with the clip and screw oriented upwards.

Slide Adjust the medium gnd filter up and down and rotate the holder freely to change angle of the graduated part.

Slide P1 can be adjusted freely and it is compatible with most phone cameras.


Slide Polarizer cuts out reflections and deepens
natural colors of a scene.
No Filter With NiSi Polarizer

Slide Medium gnd filter will help to balance the exposure of a scene
which naturally consists of sky and foreground.
No Filter With NiSi Polarizer
+ Medium GND 8(0.9)
Photo by © Maurizio Casula