Slide Slots for 2 rectangular filters Holder for filters 75mm-wide,2mm-thick 75mm SQUARE FILTER HOLDER KIT FOR Φ 39mm - 72mm LENS Includes CPL/Landscape NC CPL Circular polarizer rotates independently Rotates 360 degrees Screw for immovable angle Aluminum-alloy construction Included a free pouch NiSi M75 75mm filter holder system >>> WATCH VIDEO BUY NOW

Slide NiSi M75 75mm filter holder system in the pouch The NiSi M75 75mm Filter Holder Kit allows for the convenient use of up to two separately available,75mm-wide,2mm-thick filters along with an included CPL.

Slide What is included Lens Cap
(can be ordered individually)
M75 lens cap NiSi M75 Holder NiSi M75 CPL NiSi M75 67mm Adpter Filter Holder PRO CPL
Landscape NC CPL
67mm Main Adapter * Additional adapter rings: 39-67mm-40.5-67mm,43-67mm,46-67mm, 49-67mm,52-67mm,55-67mm,58-67mm,62-67mm,72mm main adapter NiSi M75 Free Pouch Free Pouch