NiSi True Colour CPL Review

2022-08-13T19:44:59+08:00August 13th, 2022|Reviews|

A frequent debate in the photography community is whether gear does or doesn’t matter. Some photographers love a full camera bag and others would rather be as minimalist as possible. I think we can al [...]

Review of the NiSi V7 Filter Kit

2022-06-29T16:42:39+08:00June 29th, 2022|Reviews|

My name is Carmen MacLeod, and I am a landscape photographer based in Alberta Canada.  I regularly use a variety of filters while shooting my landscape photos. When researching the NiSi V7 filter syst [...]

True Color ND-Vario 1-5 Stops reviews

2022-04-24T11:23:06+08:00April 24th, 2022|Reviews|

  A couple of months ago I was approached by NiSi to review their new True Color ND-Vario filter. I was really curious about this filter because of the True Color technology, which we have seen i [...]