A frequent debate in the photography community is whether gear does or doesn’t matter. Some photographers love a full camera bag and others would rather be as minimalist as possible. I think we can all agree that skill and talent do not stem from your camera body or lenses; however, certain equipment can most definitely aid you in producing more professional-looking images and create effects that would otherwise need to be done in post-processing. An example of this would be filters, and if I could only use one type of filter for photography, it would be a circular polarizing filter.



What does a polarizing filter do? A polarizing filter, or CPL, reduces glare from reflected surfaces. One of the most common uses is to reduce reflection from non-metallic surfaces such as glass, water, and other wet surfaces. Placing a polarizing filter onto your lens can also minimize haze, boost the saturation of blue skies, and achieve richer colours in vibrant foliage.



With NiSi True Color CPL

With NiSi True Color CPL



The NiSi True Colour CPL Filter does the job of any other polarizing filter, but with a few added features that makes it a must-have for photographers.





The main feature of this filter is in its name; True Colour. The addition of a filter can cause unwanted colour cast in images, an annoyance for photographers who must then spend time in post-processing to remove the blue or magenta hues. The True Colour CPL produces true-to-life colour reproduction, meaning if you take an image with and without this filter and compare them side by side, there will be no colour difference. This will save you time fiddling with your white balance in agitation on location and shave some time off post-processing.




This feature itself shows that NiSi has the photographer in mind when it comes to design and build.


The Pro Nano Double-sided Coating caters to photographers whose camera lenses are exposed to the forces of nature, including rain and waterfall spray, as well as clumsy-handed photographers whose fingers find their way onto the glass often.


The pro nano coating offers a waterproof and oil-resistant barrier, alongside easy removal of dust, water staining and fingerprints. Try and leave a crime scene on this filter if you dare! A simple cleaning cloth will remove all evidence of use, leaving the filter looking brand new. Do not worry, the cine-sealed technology will ensure nothing gets between that glass.



The NiSi True Colour CPL is all about ease of use. We have all experienced a stuck filter at some point. A polarizing filter can be awkward to remove because it has two rings, unlike other filters which have one. The first ring screws onto the lens and the second is the adjustable polarizing ring. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to twist a CPL filter off only to rotate the polarizing ring instead. Twist them on too tight, and they become stuck like glue!



With a clear distinction between the lens thread and the polarizing ring, there can be no confusion as to what you are twisting when applying or removing the NiSi True Colour CPL. The knurled grip texture allows for more control and ease of removal. A hassle-free experience!


If you are looking for a high-quality and well-thought-out circular polarizing filter, this is it. NiSi has established themselves over the years as a top-quality brand, boasting a range of products with one goal: to help you take the best images possible. Without a second thought, I would recommend the True Colour Pro CPL to any photographer looking for a new circular polarizing filter.


Here are a couple of image examples, taken with the NiSi True Colour CPL.