I was surprised when NiSi contacted me before launching a close-up lens kit into the market. What makes me surprised is that NiSi expanding into macro filters, because so far we are familiar with NiSi, a filter manufacturer for photographic landscape photography only. So, this provides an exciting alternative variant for macro photography.


NiSi Close-Up Lens Kit Review by Shikhei Goh


NiSi Close-Up Lens is a round shape in the form of a ring filter. It can be used on 77 mm / 72 mm / 67 mm lenses. This macro filter is made using good optical glass.



First impression, I was amazed after I tried using it. Compared with other macro filters I’ve used, NiSi Close-Up Lens with optical glass provides greater sharpness, wider depth of field and on the front of the lens, the close-up lens allows manual focus.



The presence of this macro filter product, in my opinion, will be an alternative for macro lovers.



I have tested the ability of this filter using a 70-200 mm telephoto lens with my camera. A 70-200 mm telephoto plus NiSi Close-Up Lens should have become a macro lens that has a close shooting distance with good sharpness. This is perfect for beginners who don’t have a macro lens.



In my experience, using this telephoto lens, the ideal sharpness is in the 100-105 mm focal length. And to get the best creamy bokeh in the focal length of 150 mm.



At least, what I like about this lens is the optics are good, such as prime sharpness, color and contrast there are no complaints, able to serve creamy bokeh. And physically this filter is small and light, practical to use and be combined with other lenses. And of course the use of filters will not change the camera settings.



Overall, I like this macro filter, its size, weight and features are what I was looking for.