NiSi has released 2 versions of the brand-new Allure Streak Filter: a square version and a circular version. This filter is designed to create a dramatic cinematic anamorphic flaring effect by elongating bright light sources. It is made of optical grade clear glass H-K9L to maintain the clarity and quality of videos and images, without affecting the overall color or contrast. In addition to the current blue streak version release, the NiSi Allure Streak filters can also be customized into other sizes or colors to fit your needs.


What is the NiSi Allure Streak Filter?


The NiSi Allure Streak Filter features a single series of etched lines spaced 2mm apart from each other, which run across the filter surface. These etched lines can diffract light as it passes through them, creating streaks from bright light sources or reflections in the scene. This imitates the effect commonly seen with anamorphic lenses. This visually dramatic effect can draw attention to the specific part of the frame and allow filmmakers to achieve their intended artistic expression.



The blue Allure Streak Filter creates a streak effect with a blue hue. This further emulates the character of highlights generated when using traditional anamorphic optics. Furthermore, this streak filter can also be customized to create streak effects with other colors instead of blue, such as red, yellow, green, purple and other preferred colors.



The Allure Streak Filter can be rotated to adjust the orientation of the streak effect. You can also intensify the look of the streaks by bringing the point of light closer to the camera, zooming in, or using brighter light sources. We recommend using a focal length of 35mm or longer with this filter to ensure that the streak effect is straight and not affected by lens distortion.



More details on the two shape versions:


The square version of the NiSi Allure Streak Filter can be installed in a matte box and rotated 360°. It is now available in two sizes: 4×5.65” and 6.6×6.6”. This filter utilizes cine sealed technology which blackens the edge of the filter for added durability. This technology reduces the influence of temperature fluctuations and keeps out condensation.



The circular version of the NiSi Allure Streak Filter features an aluminum frame and a rotatable front to change the orientation of the streak effect. Its thread size is 82mm. It allows the use of an adapter ring to fit lenses of other sizes.





– Creates streak effect from bright light sources and reflections

– Can be rotated to adjust the orientation of the streak effect

– Can be customized in multiple sizes or colors

– Optical glass