M6 Filter Holder System For Sony RX100 VI



NiSi is pleased to announce the release of the M6 Filter Holder System, which is specially designed for the Sony RX100 VI camera. The M6 system continues the aluminum-alloy construction of NiSi filter holder systems. It fits perfectly with the Sony pocket camera, winning big with a small size.



The M6 filter holder can be mounted directly on the Sony RX100 VI camera. It holds up to 2 square filters. With guides along the clips, filters can be inserted smoothly into the holder. The holder also features a design that allows filters to rotate 360 degrees.


M6 Holder


NiSi will introduce 2 kits for the M6 system: Starter Kit and Professional Kit. Both of the kits will include a holder, a GND filter, a polarizer and a free pouch for convenient storage. The Professional Kit will add an IR ND 8 filter and a Natural Night filter. All filters of the M6 system are made of high quality optical glass for creating optimal images.



Highlights of M6 Filter Holder Kit


– Aluminum-alloy construction

– Allows the use of 2 square filters

– Easy to install

– Rotates 360 degrees

– Filters made of optical glass

– Includes a free filter pouch