The main reason to use GNDs or multiple exposures is to capture a larger dynamic range of a scene. There are advantages and disadvantages of both methods. These are some points you should consider when approaching this question:

  1. How good is the dynamic range of your camera? If you own a camera with excellent dynamic range, you may not need to use either method!
  2. How good are your post processing skills? If you are not confident in your post processing skills or place the emphasis of photographing on capturing images in a single scene where possible, using GNDs may be preferable for you.







  1. Are you shooting a scene with complex lighting? These scenarios include shooting forests with streaming light, shooting in narrow canyons or shooting scenes with multiple large objects of interest crossing the horizon. If this is the case, I would recommend exposure blending as filters may cause unwanted darkening of areas already in shadow such as tree trunks.



NiSi Reverse Edge Graduated ND Filter – How & When to Use



by Dylan Toh