A camera should represent nature as it is

Alessio Andreani is an internationally recognized photographer based in Milan, Italy. His work has been seen on renowned magazines such as Time, Digital Photography Magazine, Traveller, NPhoto, Digital Photo and many other publications. He has been highly honored in Nature’s Best Photography Awards 2013 and 2014 and exhibited at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Since 2010, he has been writing for blogs and magazines, running photo tours and workshops. He is now an ambassador for Fotopro and NiSi Italy. It’s a great pleasure for NiSi to chat with Alessio and share his beautiful images with you.

Z for Zoe and A for Alessio Andreani


Z: Hi Alessio, glad to meet you! How did you grow interested in landscape photography to begin with?

A: I was interested in photography in general, also loving nature and landscape photography was the best way to combine both. I’m also very lucky to have grown up in a wonderful area in center of Italy, with great hills sceneries, mountains and the sea.


Mangersta Taken in ‎the UK


Taken in ‎the UK


Z: What details do you believe make the best photographs? How do you go about focusing on them in your work?

A: Composition is really important, but is the mix of many elements that makes a great photo in my opinion. Even the position of a rock, the shutter speed or the strength of wind and sea. I try to focus and what can make a great picture, framing out the elements that could disturb my shots.


Poets Taken in ‎Italy


Taken in ‎Italy


Z: In your opinion, what role does a camera play in the communication between humans and nature?

A: The camera, and most important the photographer behind, should represent fairly the nature. It doesn’t mean it shouldn’t use post production or other tools, but it should be honest and avoid strongly modified representation. It’s really personal point of view, and the line is subtle.



The Old Man of Skye Taken in the UK

The Old Man of Skye

Taken in the UK


Z: When did you start using NiSi filters and why?

A: I’ve started using NiSi products in September 2015 to be precise! I first started with a NiSi V3 holder with CPL, 6 stop ND and 3 stop Hard GND.



Taken in ‎Iceland

With NiSi Reverse GND (3 Stops) + IR ND (6 Stops) + CPL


Z: Which NiSi products do you usually use in your work?

A: Today I mostly use the NiSi V6 holder with Landscape CPL (I can’t wait to try the Natural PRO Nano polarizer on V6!), Medium and Hard 3 stop GND, and mostly 8 stop ND.


Capo Pecora Taken in ‎Iceland With NiSi V6 + Medium GND (4 Stops) + IR ND (8 Stops) + Landscape CPL

Capo Pecora

Taken in ‎Iceland

With NiSi V6 + Medium GND (4 Stops) + IR ND (8 Stops) + Landscape CPL


Z: Among all the photos you took with NiSi filters, which one is your favorite? What went into creating it?

A: I don’t have “a favourite picture”, because I like almost each one for different reasons. One that I particularly like is called “Sardinia, Costa Verde.”, shot in Sardinia, Italy of course and with a pre-dawn walk along the coast. A friend of mine and I decided to walk there after looking at the weather forecast, and we were really pleased to had guessed a great sunrise.


Sardinia, Costa Verde Taken in ‎Italy

Sardinia, Costa Verde

Taken in ‎Italy


Z: Any tips for new photographers who want to enter the field?

A: Always be yourself, try to express your creativity and taste through your photos. This way you can find your photographic style.


Wind of Scotland Taken in the UK

Wind of Scotland

Taken in the UK


Z: What kind of photography plans do you have for the months to come?

A: For the moment I’ll be travelling if possible within Italy, where I live, this is such a wonderful country with many place still to photograph.


Quest for the side light Taken in the UK

Quest for the side light

Taken in the UK