Dean Cooper, who is based in Victoria, Australia, has been working as a full time Landscape/Seascape photographer since 1999. He runs workshops in Australia and New Zealand focusing on Landscape Photography. An inspiration for Dean Cooper’s work comes from shapes, patterns and details of the natural world, he loves finding these and including them into his images as a foreground.


ISO: 400

Aperture: F8

Shutter Speed: 0.3s


I was out shooting with the NiSi 15mm lens, when I came across this scene and thought it would be perfect to test the Sunstar effect at different apertures.


There were patches of green foliage among the Tea Tree and this spot with the red flowers really caught my attention. The composition fell into place pretty quickly with the sun bursting through the trees to the left of the Boat Shed. I shot a frame at each aperture from f4 to f22, each producing a beautiful sunstar.


I love the manual focus scale on this lens, it is so quick and easy to set focus and know instantly that everything will be sharp, it is my preferred way to focus. The depth of field is also incredible on this lens, and I find even shooting down as low as f5.6, I get nice sharp images from foreground to infinity without having to focus stack.


Normally when I’m shooting Seascapes I have a swag of filters in place, for this image, I had the NiSi V6 system in place and only used the CPL, this brought out those rich greens in the foreground.


I have been shooting with the NiSi 15mm lens for a few months now and have loved it so much for shooting Landscapes and Seascapes.


by Dean Cooper