Magnus Winbjork is a photographer and adventure guide located in the Swedish Lapland. He is an expert in capturing the magnificent nature of the Nordic nations.



From my photography view, this is a very special and quite unique photo. To be able to get crystal clear spikes/rays from the sun and moon, you mostly need to have an aperture of F16 to F22. With some lenses, you can get clear ones just before F16, but you still need to at a very small aperture. It’s almost impossible to shoot night photos with such a small aperture. If you want to have good light in the foreground and there is also an aurora in the composition, the aperture of F16 to F22 forces you to use a crazy long exposure time. But that’s not possible, cause the stars and especially the moon are moving too fast. It’s also not possible to use a star tracker, cause the foreground is still. Thanks to the new NiSi 15mm F4 which gives you crystal clear spikes even at F4, and together with the Sony A7SIII that can handle high ISO very well, making it possible to take a photo like this.


The aperture of F4 is not ideal for shooting auroras, but by pushing up the ISO, it is possible to get the right shutter speed at F4, and it is enough for NiSi 15mm F4 to give you crystal clear spikes from the moon.


This is one single exposure, no blending, and no stacking.