Carlo Alberto Conti is an Italian landscape and seascape photographer, who has over 15 years of of photographic experience. He has been collaborating as an Official Photographer with the famous Italian photographic agency Clickalps since 2018. And he was also appointed as an Ambassador for brands such as FEISOL, NiSi and f-stop.


ISO: 200

Aperture: F13

Shutter Speed: 1/2s


I shoot this photo during my first field test of NiSi 15mm F4 ASPH lens. Thinking of the perfect location I chose the wonderful cliffs around the iconic old town Tellaro, near La Spezia, Italy. Everything was planned down to the last detail, especially the weather forecast. The sea was very rough and the frontal sunlight was very strong, thus I decided to combine two GND filters, the 0.6 and 0.9 soft ND grads, which allow me to achieve the right movement of the waves and control the strong frontal sunlight. Then I waited for the right moment, and when the sun was where I expected, I set the aperture to F13. I used manual focus to get the best sharpness and the filters allowed me to have the job done, which is a colorful and sharp image. I’m very satisfied, and could not expect this lens and its debut better!